About Undiscovered

The project brings together a network of venues, promoters, producers and other music types from across the county who share the same passion for supporting emerging artists and grassroots music. It is not-for-profit and there is just one simple aim – to help raise the profile of Essex based artists. So if you are yet ‘undiscovered’ then get in touch at info@undiscovered.org.uk . We are there to help if we can.

Live Music Contest

As part of the project we organise a music contest each year. It is FREE to enter and is open to artists of any age, any genre and all types (i.e. solo, duo or bands). The contest opens for entries every Oct 1st  with live heats held across Essex the following January. Winners from this proceed to semi-finals in February with a grand final held in March at Colchester Arts Centre.It is judged by music industry people including festival organisers, musicians, radio presenters, producers, studio owners and venue owners. There are no audience votes which is why Undiscovered has now built up a reputation for its fairness.

Why should you enter? Well though there are great prizes to be won, this is more than just a contest. It’s an opportunity to showcase yourself to a network of promoters, venues, festival organisers and industry people. Just by an sending in an entry means you will have raised your profile to a number of promoters leading to a chance of gigs across Essex. Previous contestants have gone on to be offered development sessions, others have been offered work on projects and finalists have gone to play at festivals such as The Fling, Purple Festival, Walthamstock, Village Beach, Purple Festival, Brownstock and Village Green. Plus every artist that plays at a live heat will be given a set of high quality photos, free of charge.



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Images from the live heats (view more at https://www.instagram.com/undiscoveredessex/)